43% of Non-Management Facebook Shares Voted for Action to Ensure Encryption Does Not Accelerate Online Child Abuse & Exploitation
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Shareholders Raise Alarm at Facebook Annual Meeting That Failure to Address Encryption Concerns Will Boost Child Sexual Abuse & Exploitation
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Shareholders: Major New Legislative & Consumer Fallout Ahead For Facebook If It Allows Encryption To Hide 12 Million Cases of Child Abuse/Exploitation
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Facebook Shareholder Resolution on Child Sexual Exploitation: Surge in child sex imagery online prompts shareholder action
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Proxy Preview 2020: The most comprehensive report on hundreds of environmental, social, and sustainable governance shareholder resolutions.
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Gender Pay Scorecard 2020: We grade 50 of the largest corporations on their gender and racial pay gaps. Only three companies got an A, 25 got F’s. How did your company do?
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Women's Inclusion Project 2019: WIP members are engaging 12 companies on board and workplace diversity, gender pay, and child safety. 2020 update available in April.
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