Our clients

“…we can’t separate our values from our investments.”

Proxy Impact is designed for foundations, endowments and mission-based investors that:

  • Are looking to align investments and mission
  • Want to learn more about the links between their investments and mission

Social investors that:

  • Support investment strategies that maximize both financial returns and social benefit
  • Support corporate practices that promote environmental stewardship, social justice, consumer safety, diversity, and transparency

Any investor who wants to:

  • Vote in a timely, accurate, and affordable manner
  • Support a socially responsible / green business
  • Vote following SRI / ESG guidelines
  • Support selected non-profit organizations
  • Support shareholder advocacy on social and environmental issues

The decision to launch this proxy service was originally based on making it easier for foundations and mission-based investors to align their investments and mission. Foundations, faith-based investors, NGOs, universities, health care facilities, green businesses, labor unions, and pension funds will all find Proxy Impact voting guidelines, consulting and advocacy options that can support their mission. Proxy Impact is also a perfect fit the needs of social investors – SRIs, ESG investors, impact investors, ethical investors, green investors – which all recognize the importance of both the investor’s financial needs as well as an investment’s impact on society.

About Us

Proxy Impact helps foundations and socially responsible investors to align investments with values. We provide our clients environmental, social and governance (ESG) proxy voting guidelines; timely and accurate proxy voting and reporting; and customized consulting and shareholder engagement services.